Where to start?

Clients often enjoy using the oils at home to complement their treatment whilst building confidence into more independent care for their own wellbeing. 


However, DoTERRA Essential oils can also be used as a form of supplementing and supporting a variety of healthcare concerns as a treatment in itself. If you wish to book your 1 hour 1:1 wellness consultation to find out more about the use of the oils for particular conditions, don't hesitate to contact me. 

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DoTERRA Essential Oils 

I heard about DoTERRA a while back but only really started to use the oils back in 2018. After feeling the strength of the oils through my own experience,  I very quickly understood the difference between your standard bottle of essential oil and DoTERRA oils.

I regularly use the oils since and they are now one of my first go to for a variety of ailments including tension headache, cold prevention, hayfever and upset tummy but also into my skin and body care with homemade toner, shower gel and clay mask. 


Why do I like these oils?

  • Essential oils have shown to have many health benefits and I like to be able to supplement my body naturally  

  • ​DoTERRA produces Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade of oils, ensuring the quality of the oils with their rigorous independent quality tests of each batch

  • In addition to topical and aromatic use, most of the DoTERRA oils can be used internally, which speaks for itself. Essential oils are naturally lipid soluble and therefore  work very well in our bodies on the cellular level 

  • The oils are very concentrated and  little goes a long way 

  • I like that Doterra is actually creating work opportunities, doesn't exploit farmers and our natural resources and contributes back to developing countries through their charity involvement

  • DoTERRA cuts out the middle man and only uses their website  for the purchase of their oils and wellness consultants for education purposes to ensure people know how to use the oils safely and there is no adulteration along the way

  • There is plentiful research showing benefits of DoTERRA oils, just have a look on PubMed website for clinical trials, alternatively visit doterrascienceblog.com


Please notice most other brands of essential oils are not for direct internal use. As with any other products and medicines, always read the label and ensure you follow safety instructions of the oils prior to their use. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions