Welcome to Acupuncture by Lenka 

Hi, my name is  Lenka Antalova and I practice acupuncture at the Bell Surgery in Chorlton.

Combining longstanding tradition and modern research,  I use acupuncture to help grease our wheels both physically and mentally and recreate the sense of balance from the inside out.

Feeling intrigued? Contact me to find out what acupuncture can do for you.

I was in my teenage years when I first came across acupuncture, but it wasn’t until few years later when I became really intrigued by the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) wholesome treatment approach and philosophy. A degree in acupuncture gave me good TCM and biomedicine insight into body in illness and in health and allowed me to apply variety of traditional and modern treatment concepts in nurturing my patients to better wellbeing. 

No two people  are the same and acupuncture allows me to tailor each treatment to  everyone as a unique individual, treating the root cause of the issue and targeting their needs on the journey to a healthier body and mind.

“One day or day One. You decide.”