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"What can I say about Lenka? She truly is a gift to the world of holistic therapy. I have been seeing Lenka regularly for over 12mth for my chronic back pain. She has helped me so much physically and mentally. Her skill, intelligence, and bedside manor all exceptional."

- Michelle



Hey there, my name is Lenka and I am a qualified acupuncturist and member of the British Acupuncture Council. I studied a degree in acupuncture at Northern College of Acupuncture in a lovely York and three years later I proudly opened my clinic in Chorlton.

Growing up in a tiny mountain village in the Czech Republic, I enjoy the outdoors, and my grounding nature reflects in the clinic too. A little piece of tranquillity in an urban bustle. Simply a place, where your wellness becomes the priority.

Acupuncture certainly continues feeding my curiosity and I love exploring its connections to our modern medicine concepts.  I have a special interest in psychosomatic presentations, mental health and hormone imbalance but my practice remains general, allowing me to support clients with a variety of conditions from bad knee to anxiety and fertility.

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